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SimplyCam is a fully integrated 2d CAD/CAM system that can directly open, create, edit and save drawings in industry standard DXF format. SimplyCam also convert raster images (Bmp and Jpeg) to vector by drawing centerlines and outlines. SimplyCam allows to manipulate vector (Scale, Rotate, Mirror, Move, Offset), to create cad drawing with Line, Rectangle, Arc/Ellipse, Polyline and Spline and to modify the drawing with Fillet, Trim, Break, Extend and Explode block function. SimplyCam also converts any True Type font into vector. SimplyCam can use up to 256 layers. The following properties can be applied to each layer: color, pen width, visible and move entity from-to layer. SimplyCam now provide CNC Gcode for Milling, Routing, Water Jet, Laser and Plasma. SimplyCam can import NC programs and simulate it. Only reads the G0, G1, G2, and G3 commands for conventional milling. SimplyCam included great number of open post-processor such as: AutoGrav, Fanuc, Fadal, Haas, Heidehain, Iso, Mach2/3, MaxNc, Selca, Siemens, ShopBot, Tecno-Isel, TurboCnc....

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